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Our Story

This Husband and Wife duo started their business when they purchased their first home. You know that once you buy your home it brings the upkeep and having to fill it. At the time their family of 4 were moving from a 1 bedroom to a 3/2 house. With the anticipation of fill it with the furniture and home decor they love from Pottery Barn and West Elm furniture. Though at the time they were not able to afford it. So, Richards first thought was the decision to build it. With Maria being gifted with her words of encouragement and her natural talents in interior design. Richard was extremely motivated to build anything. One piece turned to two, as family and friends gathered at their home, two then quickly reached over 100s. With that growth they were able to showcase their furniture and home decor in the same storefront that they have always grown to love of West Elm Furniture, and be featured in the Orlando Voyager Magazine. Still keeping the affordable price element remebering where it all started from!

Making A difference one piece at a time